“To listen, and really hearing what my client says. And to look, very closely. To me that’s the nucleus of the hairdresser’s profession. It gives me the creativity to provide each client (female or male) a personal, fitting hairstyle that also holds quite a while outside of the hairdresser’s. Of course that also needs a firm (cutting)technique and a lot of experience: after all, I have been a hairdresser for over 40 years and operate my own business since 1986.

To be a hairdresser is my big passion: to me it means to work with hair in every possible way. How I operate on clients I translate further into making wigs for Drag Queens or transvestites or hairstyles for brides. It always leads to astonishing results that taste for more. And it gives me the energy to go on: after all, what is better than making people beautiful and giving them confidence?” – John Gravemaker